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Professional Oil Tank Installations for Your Property

We have been installing oil tanks around Malton, York and Scarborough for some time now so we know what customers require: quality products, competitive pricing, clever design and superb warranty support. 

Genuine extensive warranty.

Most oil tank manufacturers offer a lengthy warranty these days but did you know your installer might have invalidated this warranty before you've even used the tank!? Shocking but true.

This is because there are various installation standards that most manufacturers insist upon in the terms of their warranty. 

OFTEC Registered technicians like ours can install tanks to comply with the warranty terms and ensure that you have the peace of mind that your warranty will cover you if it's needed.

Building Regulations Compliant

When you have an oil tank or boiler installed it's vitally important that the work is compliant with Building Regulations and correctly notified so that you receive a  Certificate of Compliance.

If you don't get the certificate it can cause problems when you come to sell the property.

Our technicians carry the appropriate OFTEC Registrations to enable them to self certify their work and request that a Certificate be issued directly to you.

We're happy to pay you a visit and talk through your oil tank requirements.

We'll provide a neat, professional, written quotation and we will NEVER employ pressure selling techniques (we'd rather not sell another thing than resort to such disgraceful practices!) 

Call now on 07851890189


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